La extensión SDO requiere la versión 5.1.0 o superior de PHP. También requiere la biblioteca libxml2. Normalmente libxml2 ya estará instalada, pero si no lo está, se puede descargar desde »

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pallsopp at gmail dot com
5 years ago
That is not strictly true!

Make these changes and it will compile just fine.

If using with PHP >= 5.3.0, you need to make the following source code

remove all "static" except "static char rcs_id[] ..." from sdo.cpp.

Add #include <stdio.h> to commonj/sdo/SDODataConverter.cpp

  Line 381: $targetLine = preg_replace("{[ \t]+}", " ", $targetLine);
  Line 385: if (strpos($word,$bindingAnnotation) === 0) {
  Line 592: $targetLine = preg_replace("{[ \t]+}", " ", $targetLine);

  Line 222:  $line         = preg_replace("{[ \t]+}", " ", $line);

I did exactly that on a 64bit CentOS box and it works fine.
jerrywilborn at gmail dot com
7 years ago
The extension does not compile against PHP 5.3.  Additionally, it uses SoapServer::setObject() which has only been available since PHP 5.2.
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