PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 Released


Las funciones de socket descritas aquí son parte de una extensión de PHP que debe ser habilitada en tiempo de compilación dando la opción --enable-sockets a configure.

Nota: El soporte IPv6 fue agregado en PHP 5.0.0.

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7 years ago
Note that under windows you just need to uncomment the line
so that it looks like
(without the ; at the start)
in your php.ini (in the directory c:\program files\PHP\php.ini)

If that line isn't in there, you probably have a custom php install. In that case you need to add the line to php.ini and download the sockets dll.

In order to get the php_sockets.dll:
- Download the regular php zip file from
- Find the dll in the ext directory
- Extract the php_sockets.dll to the ext directory of your install
(probably at c:\program files\PHP\ext)
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