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(PECL pecl_http >= 0.22.0)

HttpQueryString::setSet query string params


public string HttpQueryString::set ( mixed $params )

Set query string entry/entries. NULL values will unset the variable.

Elenco dei parametri


query string params to add

Valori restituiti

Returns the current query string.

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michal dot kocarek at brainbox dot cz
7 years ago
Function accepts string or associative array in the params argument.

= new HttpQueryString(false); // query is empty

$query->set(array('city' => 'Prague', 'age' => 34)); // query is "city=Prague&age=34"
$query->set('age=20&gender=male'); // query is "city=Prague&age=20&gender=male"

Also please note that variable can be unset *only* by passing NULL value in an associative array.

->set('city='); // query is "city=&age=20&gender=male"
$query->set(array('city' => null)); // and now "age=20&gender=male" ?>
jerome at rainstormconsulting dot com
8 years ago
In case anybody reads this and wonders what the params should be, it takes a key=>value array, not sure why it says mixed, or if there's other types you can give it.

= new HttpQueryString();
$http->set(array('page' => 1, 'sort' => 'asc'));

Should produce a query string page?page=1&sort=asc
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