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(PECL sam >= 0.1.0)

SAMConnection::peek Read a message from a queue without removing it from the queue.


SAMMessage SAMConnection::peek ( string $target [, array $properties ] )

Elenco dei parametri


The identity of the queue from which to peek the message.


An optional associative array of properties describing other parameters to control the peek operation.

Property name Possible values
SAM_CORRELID This is the target correlation id string of the message. This would typically have been returned by a "send" request.
SAM_MESSAGEID This is the message id string of the message which is to be peeked.

Valori restituiti

This method returns a SAMMessage object or FALSE if an error occurs.


Example #1 Retrieve the next message from a queue without removing it


if (!
$msg) {
// The peek failed!
echo "Peek failed ($conn->errno$conn->error";

Example #2 Retrieve a specific message from a queue without removing it from the queue


$conn->peek('queue://receive/test', array(SAM_MESSAGEID => $messageId));


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