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The Yaf_Action_Abstract class

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A action can be defined in a separate file in Yaf(see Yaf_Controller_Abstract). that is a action method can also be a Yaf_Action_Abstract class.

Since there should be a entry point which can be called by Yaf (as of PHP 5.3, there is a new magic method __invoke, but Yaf is not only works with PHP 5.3+, Yaf choose another magic method execute), you must implement the abstract method Yaf_Action_Abstract::execute() in your custom action class.

Krótki opis klasy

Yaf_Action_Abstract extends Yaf_Controller_Abstract {
/* Właściwości */
protected $_controller ;
/* Metody */
abstract publicmixed execute ([ mixed $arg [, mixed $... ]] )
publicYaf_Controller_Abstract getController ( void )
/* Metody dziedziczone */
final private void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::__clone ( void )
final private Yaf_Controller_Abstract::__construct ( void )
protected bool Yaf_Controller_Abstract::display ( string $tpl [, array $parameters ] )
public void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::forward ( string $module [, string $controller [, string $action [, array $paramters ]]] )
public void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::getInvokeArg ( string $name )
public Yaf_Request_Abstract Yaf_Controller_Abstract::getRequest ( void )
public Yaf_Response_Abstract Yaf_Controller_Abstract::getResponse ( void )
public Yaf_View_Interface Yaf_Controller_Abstract::getView ( void )
public void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::initView ([ array $options ] )
public void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::redirect ( string $url )
protected string Yaf_Controller_Abstract::render ( string $tpl [, array $parameters ] )
public void Yaf_Controller_Abstract::setViewpath ( string $view_directory )









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