The Yaf_Controller_Abstract class

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Yaf_Controller_Abstract is the heart of Yaf's system. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller and is a design pattern targeted at separating application logic from display logic.

Every custom controller shall inherit Yaf_Controller_Abstract.

You will find that you can not define __construct function for your custom controller, thus, Yaf_Controller_Abstract provides a magic method: Yaf_Controller_Abstract::init().

If you have defined a init() method in your custom controller, it will be called as long as the controller was instantiated.

Action may have arguments, when a request coming, if there are the same name variable in the request parameters(see Yaf_Request_Abstract::getParam()) after routed, Yaf will pass them to the action method(see Yaf_Action_Abstract::execute()).

Krótki opis klasy

abstract Yaf_Controller_Abstract {
/* Właściwości */
public $actions ;
protected $_module ;
protected $_name ;
protected $_request ;
protected $_response ;
protected $_invoke_args ;
protected $_view ;
/* Metody */
final private void __clone ( void )
final private __construct ( void )
protected bool display ( string $tpl [, array $parameters ] )
public void forward ( string $module [, string $controller [, string $action [, array $paramters ]]] )
public void getInvokeArg ( string $name )
public void getInvokeArgs ( void )
public string getModuleName ( void )
public Yaf_Request_Abstract getRequest ( void )
public Yaf_Response_Abstract getResponse ( void )
public Yaf_View_Interface getView ( void )
public void getViewpath ( void )
public void initView ([ array $options ] )
public void redirect ( string $url )
protected string render ( string $tpl [, array $parameters ] )
public void setViewpath ( string $view_directory )



You can also define a action method in a separate PHP script by using this property and Yaf_Action_Abstract.

Przykład #1 define action in a separate file

class IndexController extends Yaf_Controller_Abstract {
$actions = array(
/** now dummyAction is defined in a separate file */
"dummy" => "actions/Dummy_action.php",

/* action method may have arguments */
public indexAction($name$id) {
assert($name == $this->getRequest()->getParam("name"));
assert($id   == $this->_request->getParam("id"));

Przykład #2 Dummy_action.php

class DummyAction extends Yaf_Action_Abstract {
/* a action class shall define this method  as the entry point */
public execute() {


module name



the request object




view engine object

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