PECL para usuários Windows

Como qualquer outra extensão DLL do PHP, mova as DLLs das extensões no diretório extension_dir e inclua elas no arquivo php.ini. Por exemplo:


Depois disso, reinicie o servidor web.

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biel325 at gmail dot com
4 years ago
To create a dll extension to
PHP follow this instructions:

1)You MUST use the last release of PHP source code, or people will not me able to use your extension. Don't worry to use only the version of the tutorial.
2) The folder "regex" exists in PHP 5.3, just find it in the subfolders.
3)While building your dll in Visual Studio, if you have any problem compiling or linking like: "winsock2.h is missing", find the files on your computer and include the project in the same way that the tutorial taught.
6 years ago
In response to soazine:

I've found, using wampserver, that the only configuration file that needs to be edited is the one listed under "Loaded Configuration File" given by phpinfo(). Those for whom this doesn't work should refer to soazine's steps.
stuart at kaihatsu dot co dot uk
7 years ago
This is the only way to get PECL extensions - using the command line installer (similar to the PEAR installer) does not work on Windows...

This does not look like its going to be fixed any time soon...

Also, you should look at for Windows PECL extensions.
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