(PHP 4, PHP 5)

imap_uidThis function returns the UID for the given message sequence number


int imap_uid ( resource $imap_stream , int $msg_number )

This function returns the UID for the given message sequence number. An UID is a unique identifier that will not change over time while a message sequence number may change whenever the content of the mailbox changes.

This function is the inverse of imap_msgno().



Un flux IMAP întors de imap_open().


The message number.

Valorile întoarse

The UID of the given message.



This function is not supported by POP3 mailboxes.

A se vedea și

  • imap_msgno() - Gets the message sequence number for the given UID

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User Contributed Notes 5 notes

steve_foley at excite dot com
12 years ago
Please note that message_id in the header is NOT the UID - and its dangerous to use as many mail progs don't put a message id in
5 years ago
Be aware that the uid is unique in a single mailbox. That means a message can have as much uids as mailboxes
Andreas Seeger
7 years ago
The uid will change in case of unsing imap_expunge. Be shure that
all work ist done before using imap_expunge.
roger at sdr dot com dot au
7 years ago
A little quirk of UIDs in a PUBLIC folder in MDaemon (and perhaps other servers?). The UIDs may be unsynchronised between users if the server's option to store flags on a per-user basis is turned on. That is, a message may have a UID of 5 for one user (meaning it was the 5th message to enter the box) but 3 for another user (who perhaps subscribed to the box later). If this is a problem, turn off the per-user option for the mailbox.
anon et mouse
6 years ago
clarification for Andreas' note about imap_expunge()...

imap_expunge() does indeed change the UID, but only *after* the IMAP stream has closed and then reconnects.

You can use imap_expunge() as many times as you want within one IMAP stream (no reconnects) and the UID stays the same while the Msgno will change with imap_delete() followed by imap_expunge().
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