(PECL svn >= 0.1.0)

svn_diffRecursively diffs two paths


array svn_diff ( string $path1 , int $rev1 , string $path2 , int $rev2 )

Recursively diffs two paths, path1 and path2.


This is not a general-purpose diff utility. Only local files that are versioned may be diffed: other files will fail.



First path to diff. This can be a URL to a file/directory in an SVN repository or a local file/directory path.

Notă: Căile relative vor fi rezolvate ca și cum directorul curent este cel ce conține binarul PHP. Pentru a utiliza directorul de lucru al scriptului apelant, utilizați realpath() sau dirname(__FILE__).


If a local file path has only backslashes and no forward slashes, this extension will fail to find the path. Always replace all backslashes with forward slashes when using this function.


First path's revision number. Use SVN_REVISION_HEAD to specify the most recent revision.


Second path to diff. See path1 for description.


Second path's revision number. See rev1 for description.

Valorile întoarse

Returns an array-list consisting of two streams: the first is the diff output and the second contains error stream output. The streams can be read using fread(). Returns FALSE or NULL on error.

The diff output will, by default, be in the form of Subversion's custom unified diff format, but an » external diff engine may be used depending on Subversion's configuration.



Această funcție este EXPERIMENTALĂ. Comportamentul acestei funcții, denumirea sa și orice alte aspecte documentate în privința acestei funcții pot să fie modificate fără preaviz într-o versiune viitoare a PHP. Utilizați această funcție la propriul risc.


Example #1 Basic example

This example demonstrates the basic usage of this function, and the retrieval of contents from the stream:

list($diff$errors) = svn_diff(
if (!
$diff) exit;
$contents '';
while (!
feof($diff)) {
$contents .= fread($diff8192);

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa:

---        (.../foo) (revision 23)
+++ (.../foo) (revision 27)
 // further diff output

Example #2 Diffing two revisions of a repository path

This example implements a wrapper function that allows a user to easily diff two revisions of the same item using an external repository path (the default syntax is somewhat verbose):

function svn_diff_same_item($path$rev1$rev2) {

Example #3 Portably diffing two local files

This example implements a wrapper function that portably diffs two local files, compensating for the realpath() fix and the backslashes bug:

function svn_diff_local($path1$rev1$path2$rev2) {
$path1 str_replace('\\''/'realpath($path1));
$path2 str_replace('\\''/'realpath($path2));

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