PHP 5.6.16 is available


(PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PECL zip >= 1.1.0)

ZipArchive::statIndexGet the details of an entry defined by its index.


array ZipArchive::statIndex ( int $index [, int $flags ] )

The function obtains information about the entry defined by its index.



Index of the entry


ZipArchive::FL_UNCHANGED may be ORed to it to request information about the original file in the archive, ignoring any changes made.

Valorile întoarse

Returns an array containing the entry details sau FALSE în cazul eșecului.


Example #1 Dump the stat info of an entry

= new ZipArchive;
$res $zip->open('');
if (
$res === TRUE) {
} else {
'failed, code:' $res;

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

    [name] => foobar/baz
    [index] => 3
    [crc] => 499465816
    [size] => 27
    [mtime] => 1123164748
    [comp_size] => 24
    [comp_method] => 8
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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

Chris Lewis
3 years ago
Note that the signed-integer CRC result is only true on 32-bit systems. 64-bit systems return correct CRCs.

A safer way (as recommended by crc32() function page) might be:

if ($file['crc'] < 0)
   $file['crc'] = sprintf("%u",$file['crc']);
4 years ago
The CRC returned from this method is a signed number and so can be negative. This isn't how most CRC's are represented and so can cause problems. Another thing to know is that the standerd CRC algorithm used for zip files is CRC32b.

So to put this together lets say that you wanted to extract the first file from a zip and then compare the original CRC with the CRC for the extracted file this is what you would need to do. (proper error checking is omitted for simplicity).

= new ZipArchive();


$stat = $zip->statIndex( 0 );

$name = $stat['name'];

$oldCrc = $stat['crc'];

$zip->extractTo("myPath", $name);

$newCrc = hexdec(hash_file("crc32b", "myPath/" . $name));

// Have to test both cases as the unsigned CRC from within the zip might appear negative as a signed int.
if($newCrc !== $oldCrc && ($oldCrc + 4294967296) !== $newCrc) {
"The files don't match!";
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