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PHP 5.2.0 and later

Linux systems

In order to use these functions you must compile PHP with zip support by using the --enable-zip configure option.

As of PHP 5.6.0 a --with-libzip=DIR configure option has been added to use a system libzip installation. libzip version 0.11 is required, with 0.11.2 or later recommended.


Windows users need to enable php_zip.dll inside of php.ini in order to use these functions.

Installation via PECL

Information for installing this PECL extension may be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of PECL extensions. Additional information such as new releases, downloads, source files, maintainer information, and a CHANGELOG, can be located here: »

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phpdev at ehrhardt dot nl
3 years ago
+1 for Tom's comment. I just requested to remove php_zip.dll from the example php.ini's:

Please update the documentation as well.
tom at tomwardrop dot com
7 years ago
To expand on the previous comment. This extension now seems to be built-in to PHP 5.3.0 (at least for windows).
alvaro at demogracia dot com
5 years ago
Docs only mention PHP/4 and PHP/5.2.0 and later. For PHP/5.0 and PHP/5.1 you can simply install the PECL extension; despite being an external download, it's basically the same library.
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