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Inserting a Document

Associative arrays are the basic object that can be saved to a collection in the database. A somewhat random "document" might be:

= array(
"name" => "MongoDB",
"type" => "database",
"count" => 1,
"info" => (object)array( "x" => 203"y" => 102),
"versions" => array("0.9.7""0.9.8""0.9.9")

Note that you can have nested arrays and objects. The driver will always store an associative array as an object in the database. A numerically indexed array is stored as an array in case the keys start at 0 and are not interrupted, and as an object if the array keys don't start at 0 or have gaps (ie: 0, 1, 4, 5).

To insert this document, use MongoCollection::insert():

= new MongoClient();
$collection $connection->database->collectionName;

$collection->insert$doc );

See Also

The API documentation on MongoCollection::insert() contains more information about inserting data.

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fabian at fabfuel dot de
7 years ago
If you do not specify a custom _id, the driver automatically pushes the generated _id to the given document.
After saving, you can directly access the created _id:


// example output
object(MongoId)#8 (1) {
string(24) "4e2995576803fab768000000"
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