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(PECL mongo >=1.5.0)

MongoCommandCursor::rewindExecutes the command and resets the cursor to the start of the result set


public MongoCommandCursor::rewind ( void ) : array

If the cursor has already started iteration, the command will be re-executed.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

The raw server result document.


Throws MongoConnectionException if it cannot reach the database and MongoCursorTimeoutException if the timeout is exceeded.

Throws MongoCursorException if the cursor was created with MongoCommandCursor::createFromDocument() and has already started iteration. Such cursors cannot be iterated multiple times, as they lack the original command necessary for re-execution.


Example #1 MongoCommandCursor::rewind()


// Command cursor is now reset to the start of the result set


The above example will output something similar to:

array(2) {
  array(3) {
    object(MongoInt64)#5 (1) {
      string(12) "310050110216"
    string(9) "demo.test"
    array(1) {
      array(2) {
        object(MongoId)#6 (1) {
          string(24) "52f5691544670a8077b0dc51"
        string(2) "42"

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