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(PECL mongo >= 0.8.1)

MongoRegex::__constructCreates a new regular expression


public MongoRegex::__construct ( string $regex )

Creates a new regular expression.



Regular expression string of the form /expr/flags.

Return Values

Returns a new regular expression.


Example #1 MongoRegex::__construct() example

This example uses a regular expression to query for all documents with a username field starting (^) with an l and a vowel ([aeiouy]), case-insensitive (/i).

= new MongoRegex("/^l[aeiouy]/i");
$cursor $collection->find(array("username" => $luke_search));

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calimero at creatixnet dot com
8 years ago
AFAICT, as of PHP 5.3.6, this function doesn't work correctly with any delimiter character other than plain slash (/), which is annoying if your pattern looks like a URL or file path for example (which itself may contain slashes you'll have to escape).

One can make use of the print_r($your_mongoregex_object) statement to ensure the pattern is recognized properly.
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