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Win32Service Service Control Message Constants
Constant Value Description
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_CONTINUE 0x00000003 Notifies a paused service that it should resume.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE 0x00000004 Notifies a service that it should report its current status information to the service control manager.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_NETBINDADD 0x00000007 Notifies a network service that there is a new component for binding.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_NETBINDDISABLE 0x0000000A Notifies a network service that one of its bindings has been disabled.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_NETBINDENABLE 0x00000009 Notifies a network service that a disabled binding has been enabled.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_NETBINDREMOVE 0x00000008 Notifies a network service that a component for binding has been removed.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_PARAMCHANGE 0x00000006 Notifies a service that its startup parameters have changed.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_PAUSE 0x00000002 Notifies a service that it should pause.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_PRESHUTDOWN 0x0000000F Notifies a service that the system will be shutting down. A service that handles this notification blocks system shutdown until the service stops or the preshutdown time-out interval expires. This value is not supported by Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP/2000.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_SHUTDOWN 0x00000005 Notifies a service that the system is shutting down so the service can perform cleanup tasks. If a service accepts this control code, it must stop after it performs its cleanup tasks. After the SCM sends this control code, it will not send other control codes to the service.
WIN32_SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP 0x00000001 Notifies a service that it should stop.
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