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Unicode character classes

Unicode character classes
\p{Cc}Other, control.
\p{Cf}Other, format.
\p{Co}Other, private use.
\p{Cs}Other, surrogate.
\p{LC}Letter, cased.
\p{Ll}Letter, lowercase.
\p{Lm}Letter, modifier.
\p{Lo}Letter, other.
\p{Lt}Letter, titlecase.
\p{Lu}Letter, uppercase.
\p{Mc}Mark, space combining.
\p{Me}Mark, enclosing.
\p{Mn}Mark, nonspacing.
\p{Nd}Number, decimal digit.
\p{Nl}Number, letter.
\p{No}Number, other.
\p{Pc}Punctiation, connector.
\p{Pd}Punctuation, dash.
\p{Pe}Punctuation, close.
\p{Pf}Punctuation, final quote.
\p{Pi}Punctuation, initial quote.
\p{Po}Punctuation, other.
\p{Ps}Punctuation, open.
\p{Sc}Symbol, currency.
\p{Sk}Symbol, modifier.
\p{Sm}Symbol, math.
\p{So}Symbol, other.
\p{Zl}Separator, line.
\p{Zp}Separator, paragraph.
\p{Zs}Separator, space.

These character clasess are only available, if the option --enable-parle-utf32 was passed at the compilation time.

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