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13 years ago
For those of you not familiar with the CrackLib Library:

CrackLib (or PHP Crack) can not cope with plaintext wordlists.
You have to generate a binary version of any plaintext list first.

After you have done this you get 3 files with different extensions:




crack_opendict() must be called with the first argument describing the path and base filename of the binary wordlist, e.g. C:\....\my_list or /usr/local/... (see below)

Now the bad news - how to generate the 3 files:

The only way i managed to do it:

o Download the CrackLib package from sourceforge (see link in txt)
o run configure
o run make all
o run make install
o run make dict (having the wordlists in the /dict directory)
o look for the files in /usr/local/share/cracklib/
o copy the files in a convenient directory

That's it.
leeyuiwah at NOSPAM dot hknet dot com
12 years ago
Please note that the manual is a little bit misleading when providing references.  The sourceforge URL cited
(i.e. is the homepage of cracklib the enabler (upon which other things build), NOT the crack PECL extension.  If you are a PHP user looking for the crack PECL extension, you should NOT download from sourceforge.  Instead, you should download from the PECL homepage (  When you are there, search for "crack" not "cracklib".
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