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Extensions retirées

Ces extensions ont été placées dans PECL, et ne font plus partie de la distribution PHP. Le paquet PECL de ces extensions seront créés en fonction de la demande des utilisateurs.

  • dbase : plus entretenue.
  • fbsql : plus entretenue.
  • fdf : entretenue.
  • ming : entretenue.
  • msql : plus entretenue.
  • ncurses : entretenue.
  • sybase : abandonnée. Utilisez sybase_ct à la place, qui fait partie du coeur de PHP.
  • mhash : abandonnée. Utilisez plutôt hash à la place. hash supporte totalement mhash, et les applications seront compatibles.
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11 years ago
The MSSQL extension is no longer present in the 5.3.0 release, but this fact is not mentioned on this page. Perhaps that should be added.

It seems that the recommended solution is to use "SQL Server Driver for PHP" by Microsoft ( However, it is reported that the current release (v1.0) does not support PHP 5.3.0 (see Apparently, v1.1 will support PHP 5.3, but it is currently in CTP release.
5 years ago
As mentioned mssql was discontinued. Summing that MDB2 doesn't support sqlsrv driver means that you are screwed if your codebase depends on MDB2 + mssql.
9 years ago
Hash does NOT fully implement mhash.  Notably Joomla has 2 lines in helper.php that use an unsupported function: mhash_keygen_s2k(,,,).

Other functions of mhash can be rewritten:

echo bin2hex(mhash(MHASH_RIPEMD160 ,"my_password"));

hash("ripemd160" ,"my_password");
schwilch at gmx dot de
10 years ago
MSsqlserverDriver does not support mssql-functions but sqlsrv-functions.
If you do not want to change all of your php-scripts for using other functions and another function-handling of db-connection-parameters you should use freeTDS for Windows (download for example at and php_dblib.dll.
I hope this helps others with MS-Systems.
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