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(PECL pht >= 0.0.1)

pht\Vector::updateAtUpdates a value in the vector


public pht\Vector::updateAt(mixed $value, int $offset): void

This method updates a value at the specified offset in the vector (in linear time). The vector will automatically be resized if it is not large enough.

Since the pht\Vector class supports array access, updating values can also be performed using the array subset notation ([]).

Liste de param├Ętres


The value to be inserted into the vector. This value will be serialised (since it may be passed around between threads).


The offset at which the value will be updated at. This offset must be within the 0..(N-1) range (inclusive), where N is the size of the vector. Attempting to update at offsets outside of this range will result in an Error exception.

Valeurs de retour

No return value.


Exemple #1 Updating a value in a vector


use pht\Vector;

$vector = new Vector();

$vector[] = 1;
$vector[] = 2;

$vector[1] = 4;


L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

object(pht\Vector)#1 (2) {

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