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(PECL pdflib >= 2.0.0)



PDF_fit_image ( resource $pdfdoc , int $image , float $x , float $y , string $optlist ) : bool

画像やテンプレートを、さまざまなオプションに基づいてページ上に配置します。 成功した場合に TRUE を、失敗した場合に FALSE を返します。

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pcsmke et gmail dot com
9 years ago
= pdf_load_image($pdf,"gif","D:\\xampp\\htdocs\\telime.gif","");

this worked for me full path to the file
adrian dot suter at epfl dot ch
13 years ago
Hello php cracks

First of all, the reference point of the image is its left, bottom corner. Furthermore, I just thought it would be nice to know some of the most used options that can be passed using the fifth parameter "string optlist".

Scaling the image (e.g. by a factor of 0.5)
<?php PDF_fit_image ( $pdf, $img, $x, $y, "scale 0.5" ) ?>

Rotating the image (e.g. by an angle of 45 degrees)
<?php PDF_fit_image ( $pdf, $img, $x, $y, "rotate 45" ) ?>
Note: The reference point rotates with the image!

Fitting the image into a virtual box
<?php PDF_fit_image ( $pdf, $img, $x, $y, "boxsize {200 100} fitmethod meet" ) ?>
Note: The box width and height (in Adobe points) would be given in the curly braces. Using the fitmethod "meet", the image would be ratio-scaled to be completely visible. Other methods are "clip" and "slice".

Multiple options can be used at the same time by simply concatenating them using a space. By the way, most pdf functions work exactly the same as the PDFlib functions. So just risk a look into the PFLlib documentations (use a search engine).

Hope this helped! Best regards - Adrian
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