(PECL mongo >=1.2.11)

MongoCursor::setFlagSets arbitrary flags in case there is no method available the specific flag


public MongoCursor::setFlag ( int $flag , bool $set = true ) : MongoCursor

The MongoCursor class has several methods for setting flags on the query object. This method is available in case the MongoDB wire protocol has acquired a new flag, and the driver has not been updated with a method for this new flag. In all other cases, the method should be used. See the "See also" section for available methods.



Which flag to set. You can not set flag 6 (EXHAUST) as the driver does not know how to handle them. You will get a warning if you try to use this flag. For available flags, please refer to the wire protocol » documentation.


Whether the flag should be set (true) or unset (false).


Returns this cursor.

エラー / 例外

Shows a warning when an unsupport flag is attempted to be set.


バージョン 説明
PECL mongo 1.4.0 Support for flag 3 (OPLOG_REPLAY) is added. Versions before 1.4.0 would throw a warning saying that the flag is unsupported.

例1 MongoCursor::setFlag() example

= new MongoClient'mongodb://localhost:13000', array( 'replSet' => 'seta' ) );
$c $m->local->selectCollection'' );
$cursor $c->find( array( 'ns' => 'demo.article''op' => 'i' ) );
$cursor->setFlag1true ); // sets the tailable flag
$cursor->setFlag5true ); // sets the await data flag


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