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SDO_DAS_Relational::createRootDataObject Returns the special root object in an otherwise empty data graph. Used when creating a data graph from scratch


SDO_DAS_Relational::createRootDataObject ( ) : SDODataObject

この関数は、 実験的 なものです。この関数の動作・ 名前・その他ドキュメントに書かれている事項は、予告なく、将来的な PHP のリリースにおいて変更される可能性があります。 この関数は自己責任で使用してください。

Returns the special root object at the top of an otherwise empty data graph. This call is used when the application wants to create a data graph from scratch, without having called executeQuery() to create a data graph.

The special root object has one multi-valued containment property, with a name of the application root type that was passed when the Relational DAS was constructed. The property can take values of only that type. The only thing that the application can usefully do with the root type is to call createDataObject() on it, passing the name of the application root type, in order to create a data object of their own application type.




The root object.

エラー / 例外


Please see the Examples section in the general information about the Relational DAS for many examples of calling this method.

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