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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

sybase_connectAbre uma conexão Sybase


sybase_connect ([ string $servername [, string $username [, string $password [, string $charset [, string $appname ]]]]] ) : resource

Retorna: um identificador de recurso Sybase positivo em caso de sucesso ou um FALSE em caso de falha.

sybase_connect() estabelece uma conexão com um servidor Sybase. O argumento servername tem que ser um nome de servidor que é definido no arquivo 'interfaces'.

Se uma segunda chamada é feita ao sybase_connect() com os mesmos argumentos nenhum novo recurso será estabelecido. Ao invés disto, o identificador de recurso do recurso já aberto será retornado.

O recurso com o servidor será fechado tão logo a execução do script termine, a não ser que ele seja fechado anteriormente ao se chamar explicitamente o sybase_close().

Exemplo #1 Exemplo sybase_connect()

            or die(
"Could not connect !");
    print (
"Connected successfully");

Veja também sybase_pconnect() e sybase_close().

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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

bkw at weisshuhn dot de
20 years ago
To decrease the level of messages sent back from the dbserver (such as 'changed context...') try:

gregory at bnl dot gov
20 years ago
If you are having trouble connecting to your sybase database on unix, try checking that the SYBASE environmental variable is set correctly. I was getting connection errors until I found out that this variable had not been set through the server.
naguiwerian at netscape dot net
18 years ago
To connect from win32 to Sybase on Unix , you can use sybase open client and make sure to use the hostname in sybase_connect as it is defined in the OC sql.ini file .. it worked that way !
brunello95 at aol dot com
15 years ago
freetds is a great, free tool to access your sybase tables with PHP. The setup can be a bit tricky. Use the following to put the environment variables that you need:
putenv ("SYBPLATFORM=linux");
putenv ("LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/freetds/lib");
putenv ("LC_ALL=default");
putenv ('PATH=\"/usr/local/freetds/bin:$PATH\"');
putenv ("DSQUERY=SYBASE");
Even if not using freetds, you'll need those env vars to make any sybase connection work. Another option is to just load them into your box from the command line.
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