Installing the MongoDB PHP Driver on Windows

Precompiled binaries for each release are available from » PECL for a variety of combinations of versions, thread safety, and VC libraries. Extract the archive and put php_mongodb.dll in your PHP extension directory ("ext" by default).

Add the following line to your php.ini file:


Nota: Additional DLL dependencies for Windows Users

Para esta extensão funcionar, existem arquivos DLL que devem estar disponíveis no PATH do sistema Windows. Para saber como fazer isso, veja o FAQ intitulado "Como eu adiciono o meu diretório PHP no PATH no Windows". Embora copiando arquivos DLL da pasta do PHP no diretório system do Windows também funcione (porque o diretório system está por padrão no PATH do sistema), isto não é recomendado. Esta extensão requer que os seguintes arquivos estejam no PATH: libsasl.dll

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luchontandil3 at gmail dot com
10 months ago
Try using:


instead and restarting the xammp server for php
also download the correct .dll for your version of php

you can check your version of php with index.php and inside adding

Xylon Reyes
4 years ago
With the newer version of MongoDB, this should be...


(the filename of the latest stable release at PECL)

Official MongoDB library are available at GitHub as well as its documentation.

Precompiled binaries are also available at GitHub for the legacy and the newer version.
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