PHP 7.4.0 alpha 3 Released
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10 years ago
When installing fileinfo on php5.2 on ubuntu and having a problem with phpize,

you must also install the php5-dev package..
apt-get install php5-dev

Then verify if 'phpize' is in your PATH
10 years ago
for gentoo you will need to emerge pecl-fileinfo
greg at freephile dot com
10 years ago
For Kubuntu systems and probably most other Linuxes, after installing libmime-devel, I could successfully install the PECL Fileinfo package.

$ sudo apt-get install libmagic-dev

$ sudo pecl install Fileinfo
grillen at abendstille dot at
10 years ago
on opensuse 10.2 systems you'll need the file-devel package.
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