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get_magic_quotes_runtimeGets the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime


get_magic_quotes_runtime ( void ) : bool

Returns the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime.

Valorile întoarse

Returns 0 if magic_quotes_runtime is off, 1 otherwise. Or always returns FALSE as of PHP 5.4.0.

Istoricul schimbărilor

Versiune Descriere
5.4.0 Always returns FALSE because the magic quotes feature was removed from PHP.


Example #1 get_magic_quotes_runtime() example

// Check if magic_quotes_runtime is active
// Deactivate

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dipshrestha AT mail
10 years ago
To add to what "php at nospam-qualystem dot com" has mentioned.

Some Japanese Encoding System (shift-jis) encode characters like 予 with ASCII pairs "975C". (5C is ASCII for backslash)

Thus when reading those characters from files (saved as shift-jis) in system with magic_quotes_runtime enabled, the characeter is turned into 予\  (equivalent ASCII "975C5C")

予定 is turned into 予\定
php at nospam-qualystem dot com
16 years ago
get_magic_quotes runtime and set_magic_quotes_runtime are useful when you want to read some data in a binary file using fread() and some bytes in such file may be interpreted as \ (backslash), " (double quotes), ' (simple quote) or any "special" character that has a meaning for string processing.
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