(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

get_magic_quotes_runtimeGets the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime


Această funcție este ÎNVECHITĂ începând cu PHP 7.4.0. Utilizarea acestei funcții este foarte nerecomandată.


get_magic_quotes_runtime ( void ) : bool

Returns the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime.

Valorile întoarse

Returns 0 if magic_quotes_runtime is off, 1 otherwise. Or always returns FALSE as of PHP 5.4.0.

Istoricul schimbărilor

Versiune Descriere
7.4.0 This function has been deprecated.
5.4.0 Always returns FALSE because the magic quotes feature was removed from PHP.


Example #1 get_magic_quotes_runtime() example

// Check if magic_quotes_runtime is active
// Deactivate

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dipshrestha AT mail
11 years ago
To add to what "php at nospam-qualystem dot com" has mentioned.

Some Japanese Encoding System (shift-jis) encode characters like 予 with ASCII pairs "975C". (5C is ASCII for backslash)

Thus when reading those characters from files (saved as shift-jis) in system with magic_quotes_runtime enabled, the characeter is turned into 予\  (equivalent ASCII "975C5C")

予定 is turned into 予\定
php at nospam-qualystem dot com
17 years ago
get_magic_quotes runtime and set_magic_quotes_runtime are useful when you want to read some data in a binary file using fread() and some bytes in such file may be interpreted as \ (backslash), " (double quotes), ' (simple quote) or any "special" character that has a meaning for string processing.
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