(PHP 4, PECL pdflib >= 1.0.0)

PDF_rectDesenează un dreptunghi


PDF_rect ( resource $p , float $x , float $y , float $width , float $height ) : bool

Desenează un dreptunghi. Întoarce valoarea TRUE în cazul succesului sau FALSE în cazul eșecului.

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stuart at horuskol dot co dot uk
13 years ago
This section of the manual is really sparse, and there don't seem to be any tutorials out there that go beyond adding a single line of text, so I found this piece of information out by trial and error.

The function only specifies that you want a rectangle at those co-ordinates, and must be followed by a stroke command:

  pdf_rect($pdf, 100, 100, 50, 50);

This completes the process of placing the rectangle on the page.
ragnar at deulos dot com
14 years ago
Be sure of adding a pdf_stroke(resource_pdf) after the pdf_rect function or will take an error in the PDFlib.
tobias at midas dot se
17 years ago
Round rectangles

My function to create rectangles width round corners:

function pdf_roundrect($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos, $xsize, $ysize, $radius)
$ypos = $ypos+$ysize;
pdf_moveto($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos-$radius);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos, $ypos-$ysize+$radius);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos-$ysize+$radius, $radius, 180, 270);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$ysize);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$ysize+$radius, $radius, 270, 360);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize, $ypos-$radius);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$xsize-$radius, $ypos-$radius, $radius,0,90);
pdf_lineto($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos);
pdf_arc($pdfobj, $xpos+$radius, $ypos-$radius, $radius,90,180);
9 years ago
In php5 a rectangle with some text in is made like this.


$font = $p->load_font("Helvetica", "winansi", "");
$p->setfont($font, 14.0);
$p->set_text_pos(200, 525);
$p->show("Some text");

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