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(PECL gearman >= 0.5.0)

GearmanClient::addTaskLowBackgroundAdd a low priority background task to be run in parallel


public GearmanClient::addTaskLowBackground ( string $function_name , string $workload [, mixed &$context [, string $unique ]] ) : GearmanTask

Adds a low priority background task to be run in parallel with other tasks. Call this method for all the tasks to be run in parallel, then call GearmanClient::runTasks() to perform the work. Tasks with a low priority will be selected from the queue after those of normal or high priority.



O funcție înregistrată pe care trebuie să o execute serverul executor


Datele serializate pentru a fi procesate


Contextul aplicației pentru a fi asociat cu o sarcină


Un ID unical utilizat pentru a identifica o anumită sarcină

Valorile întoarse

A GearmanTask object or FALSE if the task could not be added.

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