PHP 8.1.0 Beta 2 available for testing

Basic usage

Basic example on using memtrack extension:

Example #1 Creating large array in a function


/* /tmp/example1.php */

function foo() {
$a = array();
    for (
$i 0$i 10000$i++) $a[] = "test";
$arr foo();


Run the example with the following command:

php -d memtrack.enabled=1 -d memtrack.soft_limit=1M -d memtrack.vm_limit=3M /tmp/example1.php

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

Warning: [memtrack] [pid 26177] user function foo() executed in /tmp/example1.php on line 10 allocated 4194304 bytes in /tmp/example1.php on line 0
Warning: [memtrack] [pid 26177] virtual memory usage on shutdown: 32911360 bytes in Unknown on line 0
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