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Configurația la rulare

Comportamentul acestor funcții este afectat de parametrii stabiliți în php.ini.

mysqlnd_qc Opțiuni de configurare pentru
Denumire Valoare implicită Poate fi modificată Jurnal al modificărilor
mysqlnd_qc.enable_qc 1 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.ttl 30 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.cache_by_default 0 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.cache_no_table 0 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.use_request_time 0 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.time_statistics 1 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics 0 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics_log_file /tmp/mysqlnd_qc.stats PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.collect_query_trace 0 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.query_trace_bt_depth 3 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.collect_normalized_query_trace 0 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.ignore_sql_comments 1 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.slam_defense 0 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.slam_defense_ttl 30 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.std_data_copy 0 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
mysqlnd_qc.apc_prefix qc_ PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.memc_server PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.memc_port 11211 PHP_INI_ALL
mysqlnd_qc.sqlite_data_file :memory: PHP_INI_ALL

Iată o explicație pe scurt a directivelor de configurare.

mysqlnd_qc.enable_qc int

Enables or disables the plugin. If disabled the extension will not plug into mysqlnd to proxy internal mysqlnd C API calls.

mysqlnd_qc.ttl int

Default Time-to-Live (TTL) for cache entries in seconds.

mysqlnd_qc.cache_by_default int

Cache all queries regardless if they begin with the SQL hint that enables caching of a query or not. Storage handler cannot overrule the setting. It is evaluated by the core of the plugin.

mysqlnd_qc.cache_no_table int

Whether to cache queries with no table name in any of columns meta data of their result set, for example, SELECT SLEEP(1), SELECT NOW(), SELECT SUBSTRING().

mysqlnd_qc.use_request_time int

Use PHP global request time to avoid gettimeofday() system calls? If using APC storage handler it should be set to the value of apc.use_request_time, if not warnings will be generated.

mysqlnd_qc.time_statistics int

Collect run time and store time statistics using gettimeofday() system call? Data will be collected only if you also set mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics = 1,

mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics int

Collect statistics for mysqlnd_qc_get_core_stats()? Does not influence storage handler statistics! Handler statistics can be an integral part of the handler internal storage format. Therefore, collection of some handler statistics cannot be disabled.

mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics-log-file int

If mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics and mysqlnd_qc.collect_statistics_log_file are set, the plugin will dump statistics into the specified log file at every 10th web request during PHP request shutdown. The log file needs to be writable by the web server user.

Since 1.1.0.

mysqlnd_qc.collect_query_trace int

Collect query back traces?

mysqlnd_qc.query_trace_bt_depth int

Maximum depth/level of a query code backtrace.

mysqlnd_qc.ignore_sql_comments int

Whether to remove SQL comments from a query string before hashing it to generate a cache key. Disable if you do not want two statemts such as SELECT /*my_source_ip=123*/ id FROM test and SELECT /*my_source_ip=456*/ id FROM test to refer to the same cache entry.

Since 1.1.0.

mysqlnd_qc.slam_defense int

Activates handler based slam defense (cache stampeding protection) if available. Supported by Default and APC storage handler

mysqlnd_qc.slam_defense_ttl int

TTL for stale cache entries which are served while another client updates the entries. Supported by APC storage handler.

mysqlnd_qc.collect_normalized_query_trace int

Collect aggregated normalized query traces? The setting has no effect by default. You compile the extension using the define NORM_QUERY_TRACE_LOG to make use of the setting.

mysqlnd_qc.std_data_copy int

Default storage handler: copy cached wire data? EXPERIMENTAL – use default setting!

mysqlnd_qc.apc_prefix string

The APC storage handler stores data in the APC user cache. The setting sets a prefix to be used for cache entries.

mysqlnd_qc.memc_server string

MEMCACHE storage handler: memcache server host.

mysqlnd_qc.memc_port int

MEMCACHE storage handler: memcached server port.

mysqlnd_qc.sqlite_data_file string

sqlite storage handler: data file. Any setting but :memory: may be of little practical value.

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