(PHP 5, PHP 7)

ReflectionClass::isSubclassOfChecks if a subclass


public ReflectionClass::isSubclassOf ( mixed $class ) : bool

Checks if the class is a subclass of a specified class or implements a specified interface.



Either the name of the class as string or a ReflectionClass object of the class to check against.

Valorile întoarse

Întoarce valoarea TRUE în cazul succesului sau FALSE în cazul eșecului.

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dhairya lakhera
4 years ago
class A {}
class B {}
class C extends B {}

$obj=new ReflectionClass('C');

var_dump($obj->isSubclassOf ('A')); //boolean false
var_dump($obj->isSubclassOf ('B')); //boolean true
voitcus at gmail dot com
1 year ago
Note, that this method is a bit different than the `instanceof` operator, which returns true, when it is a subclass or the very same class (interface). Here, only being a subclass results in true, eg.

class A {}
class B extends A {}

$a = new ReflectionClass('A');
$AA = new A;
$b = new ReflectionClass('B');
$BB = new B;

var_dump($a->isSubclassOf($b)); // false
var_dump($AA instanceof $BB); // false

var_dump($b->isSubclassOf($a)); // true
var_dump($BB instanceof $AA); // true

var_dump($a->isSubclassOf($a)); // false
var_dump($AA instanceof $AA); // true
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