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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.2, PHP 7)

SplFileInfo::getCTimeGets the inode change time


public SplFileInfo::getCTime ( ) : int

Returns the inode change time for the file. The time returned is a Unix timestamp.


Această funcție nu are parametri.

Valorile întoarse

The last change time, in a Unix timestamp.


Throws RunTimeException on error.


Example #1 SplFileInfo::getCTime() example

= new SplFileInfo(__FILE__);
'Last changed at ' date('g:i a'$info->getCTime());

Exemplul de mai sus va afișa ceva similar cu:

Last changed at 1:49 pm

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User Contributed Notes 1 note

michael at smith-li dot com
7 years ago
A file's ctime is it's inode change time. The inode changes when file metadata changes (for example when file permissions change). The inode also changes whenever the file's contents change, but since the inode changes for other reasons, it's more accurate to use mtime to get the age of the contents of a file. See SPLFileInfo::getMTime

Also, please note ctime is not creation time. (Most UNIX-like filesystems do not record a file's creation time.)
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