PHP 8.0.6 Released!


(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5 < 5.3.0, PECL ncurses >= 1.0.0)

ncurses_wgetchЧитает символ с клавиатуры (окна)


ncurses_wgetch ( resource $window ) : int

К настоящему времени эта функция ещё не была документирована; для ознакомления доступен только список аргументов.

Список параметров


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johns at servangle dot net
14 years ago
Something worth noting here; I noticed that with ncurses_wgetch function keys are broken into multiple codes while ncurses_getch returns only one attributed code.

For example, with ncurses_wgetch pressing an up arrow results in three codes 27 91 65 (an ascii escape sequence). The problem is subsequent calls to ncurses_wgetch are required to acquire all three codes. Unfortunately, pressing an “A” key for example would result in only a single code of 65. This makes it hard to trap for both function keys and regular keys.

However, with ncurses_getch an up arrow results in a single attributed code of 259 or the “NCURSES_KEY_UP” key constant. An “A” key is still 65.
john at bowlingball dot com
15 years ago
By default ncurses_wgetch does not return keypad keys.  If you need to use function or arrow keys in a sub window, simply do this first.

ncurses_keypad($win, TRUE);
gf3 dot bm3 at gmail dot com
16 years ago
Heres a function to get a string from a specific window and return it on ENTER.

// Dynamic String Input (converts INT ASCII to CHAR)
function ncurses_wgetstr($win){
    $strlen = 1;
    for ($sx=0;$sx<$strlen;$sx++){
        $ch = ncurses_wgetch($win);
        if ($ch == 13){
            return $str;
            break 2;
        $str .= chr($ch);


$ncurse = ncurses_init();
$fullscreen = ncurses_newwin (0,0,  0,0);
ncurses_border(0,0,  0,0,  0,0,  0,0);

while (1){
    $keyPressed = ncurses_wgetstr($fullscreen);
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