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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PECL pdflib >= 1.0.0)

PDF_open_pdiОткрывает файл PDF [устарело]


PDF_open_pdi ( resource $pdfdoc , string $filename , string $optlist , int $len ) : int

Открывает дисковый или виртуальный PDF-документ и подготавливает его для последующего использования.

Функция устарела с версии PDFlib 7, используйте вместо нее PDF_open_pdi_document().

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14 years ago
From PDFLib's manual:

"When the optional PDI (PDF import) library is attached to PDFlib, pages from existing PDF documents can be imported. PDI contains a parser for the PDF file format, and prepares pages from existing PDF documents for easy use with PDFlib.

Conceptually, imported PDF pages are treated similarly to imported raster images such as TIFF or PNG: you open a PDF document, choose a page to import, and place it on an output page, applying any of PDFlib’s transformation functions for translating, scaling, rotating, or skewing the imported page."

The manual can be downloaded along with PDFLib at
m_schieferdecker at hotmail dot com
16 years ago
The function returns the intval -1 on failure.
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