(PHP 5 >= 5.1.2, PHP 7, PECL xmlwriter >= 0.1.0)

XMLWriter::startElement -- xmlwriter_start_elementСоздать стартовый тег элемента


Объектно-ориентированный стиль

XMLWriter::startElement ( string $name ) : bool

Процедурный стиль

xmlwriter_start_element ( resource $xmlwriter , string $name ) : bool

Начинает элемент.

Список параметров


Только для процедурных вызовов. Изменяемый resource XMLWriter. Этот ресурс может быть получен из xmlwriter_open_uri() или xmlwriter_open_memory().


Имя элемента.

Возвращаемые значения

Возвращает TRUE в случае успешного завершения или FALSE в случае возникновения ошибки.

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

toby at php dot net
10 years ago
Note that startElement() and startElementNS() naturally do not write the closing ">" of the tag, since you may add an arbitrary number of attributes after starting a tag.

However, in some cases you may want to have the starting element tag closed in the output buffer before writing any further elements or content (e.g. if you communicate via an XML stream). To achieve this, you can simply use the text() method with an empty string.
indy at driftsolutions dot com
2 years ago
I'm using PHP 7.1, not sure how many versions are affected but if you try to start an element that is a number or starts with a number (ie. 1 or 1TBS) it won't write it and messes up your XML.
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