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SDO_DAS_XML::addTypes To load a second or subsequent schema file to a SDO_DAS_XML object


SDO_DAS_XML::addTypes ( string $xsd_file ) : void

Load a second or subsequent schema file to an XML DAS that has already been created with the static method create(). Although the file may be any valid schema file, a likely reason for using this method is to add a schema file containing definitions of extra complex types, hence the name. See Example 4 of the parent document for an example.

Список параметров


Path to XSD Schema file.

Возвращаемые значения

None if successful, otherwise throws an exception as described below.



Thrown if a type is not defined in the underlying model.


Thrown for any problems while parsing the given XSD File.


Thrown if the specified file cannot be found.

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