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(PECL apc >= 3.1.4)

apc_bin_dumpfileOutput a binary dump of cached files and user variables to a file


apc_bin_dumpfile ( array $files , array $user_vars , string $filename [, int $flags = 0 [, resource $context = NULL ]] ) : int

Outputs a binary dump of the given files and user variables from the APC cache to the named file.



The file names being dumped.


The user variables being dumped.


The filename where the dump is being saved.


Flags passed to the filename stream. See the file_put_contents() documentation for details.


The context passed to the filename stream. See the file_put_contents() documentation for details.

Dönen Değerler

The number of bytes written to the file, otherwise FALSE if APC is not enabled, filename is an invalid file name, filename can't be opened, the file dump can't be completed (e.g., the hard drive is out of disk space), or an unknown error was encountered.

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eric at midkotasolutions dot com
8 years ago
To prevent losing all of your APC custom user data on an apache restart, use this function along with apc_bin_loadfile to save your APC Memory Data on a restart of apache.

e.g.  Write a php script to dump the file and one to re-load the file.   Call the dump script directly before stopping apache, and then call the reload script directly after starting apache.



#  wget http://www.example.com/saveapc.php
# /etc/init.d/httpd restart
#  wget http://www.example.com/loadapc.php

Particularly useful if you have a custom session handler using APC for storage

Even more handy, update the httpd restart bash script to automatically make these calls for you on a restart
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