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安装此 PECL 扩展相关的信息可在手册中标题为 PECL 扩展的安装章节中找到。更多信息如新的发行版本、下载、源文件、 维护人员信息及变更日志等,都在此处: » https://pecl.php.net/package/cairo.

PECL 扩展的 DLL 当前不可用。参见 在 Windows 上构建章节。

Notes specific to installation on Windows

Binary builds of the extension can be found at » http://cairographics.org/download/. Download the correct zip file, place php_cairo.dll in the extensions directory, and enable it via the php.ini file in use. Please be sure the PHP minor version (5.2, 5.3) match, the thread safety (Thread Safe TS or Non-Thread Safe NTS), the architecture (x86 or x64), and the compiler version (VC6 or VC9) match or the extension will not load.

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