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下列常量由此扩展定义,且仅在此扩展编译入 PHP 或在运行时动态载入时可用。

FAM event constants
Constant Description
FAMChanged (integer) Some value which can be obtained with fstat(1) changed for a file or directory.
FAMDeleted (integer) A file or directory was deleted or renamed.
FAMStartExecuting (integer) An executable file started executing.
FAMStopExecuting (integer) An executable file that was running finished.
FAMCreated (integer) A file was created in a directory.
FAMMoved (integer) This event never occurs.
FAMAcknowledge (integer) An event in response to fam_cancel_monitor().
FAMExists (integer) An event upon request to monitor a file or directory. When a directory is monitored, an event for that directory and every file contained in that directory is issued.
FAMEndExist (integer) Event after the last FAMEExists event.
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f dot knodt at yotaweb dot de
11 years ago
Corresponding integer values:

FAMChanged          1
FAMDeleted          2
FAMStartExecuting   3
FAMStopExecuting    4
FAMCreated          5
FAMMoved            6
FAMAcknowledge      7
FAMExists           8
FAMEndExist         9
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