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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5 < 5.3.0)

fbsql_insert_idGet the id generated from the previous INSERT operation


fbsql_insert_id ([ resource $link_identifier ] ) : int

Gets the id generated from the previous INSERT operation which created a DEFAULT UNIQUE value.


The value of the FrontBase SQL function fbsql_insert_id() always contains the most recently generated DEFAULT UNIQUE value, and is not reset between queries.



fbsql_connect()fbsql_pconnect() 返回的 FrontBase 链接标识符.

如可选并未指定,函数会尝试查找一个到 FrontBase 服务器的开放链接,且如没有找到这样的链接,会尝试通过不带参数调用 fbsql_connect() 来创建一个。


Returns the ID generated from the previous INSERT query, or 0 if the previous query does not generate an DEFAULT UNIQUE value.

If you need to save the value for later, be sure to call this function immediately after the query that generates the value.


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