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Constants for PDO_4D

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Constants for PDO_4DConstants for PDO_4D


下列常量由此驱动定义,且仅在扩展编译入 PHP 或在运行时动态载入时可用。另外,使用此驱动时,仅会使用这些驱动特定的常量。使用其他驱动的驱动特定的常量可能会导致不可预见的情况。如果代码可运行于多个驱动,PDO::getAttribute() 可被用于获取 PDO_ATTR_DRIVER_NAME 属性以检查驱动。


Change the charset in which 4D returns data. (Default is UTF-8).


The requested format of the image, when selecting a row with a column type PICTURE. It may be any type that 4D supports.

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