Paradox 函数

Object oriented API

The paradox extension provides also an object oriented API. It consists of only one class called paradox_db. Its methods only differ from the functions in its name and of course the missing first parameter. The following table will list all methods and its equivalent functions.

Methods of class paradox_db
Name of method Equivalent function
Constructor px_new()
Destructor px_delete()
open_fp() px_open_fp()
create_fp() px_create_fp()
close() px_close()
numrecords() px_numrecords()
numfields() px_numfields()
get_record() px_get_record()
put_record() px_put_record()
retrieve_record() px_retrieve_record()
delete_record() px_delete_record()
insert_record() px_insert_record()
update_record() px_update_record()
get_field() px_get_field()
get_schema() px_get_schema()
get_info() px_get_info()
set_parameter() px_set_parameter()
get_parameter() px_get_parameter()
set_value() px_set_value()
get_value() px_get_value()
get_info() px_get_info()
set_targetencoding() px_set_targetencoding()
set_tablename() px_set_tablename()
set_blob_file() px_set_blob_file()
date2string() px_date2string()
timestamp2string() px_timestamp2string()


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john dot navratil at sbcglobal dot net
14 years ago
Some difficulties were encountered installing this extension on php 5.1.6.  're2c' was not found.  On Fedora Core 5, php 5.1.6, I had to...

Install gc++ as re2c requires C++ and will not compile with the standard C compiler most often used.

Download re2c from sourceforge, untar, configure, make, make install.

Download pxlib from sourceforge, untar, configure, make, make install.

pecl install paradox (it has been moved from pear)
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