PHP 7.4.0beta4 released!


» PECL 扩展未与 PHP 捆绑。

安装此 PECL 扩展相关的信息可在手册中标题为 PECL 扩展的安装章节中找到。更多信息如新的发行版本、下载、源文件、 维护人员信息及变更日志等,都在此处: »

PECL 扩展的 DLL 当前不可用。参见 在 Windows 上构建章节。

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symfonist at gmail dot com
5 years ago
You should install dev version of libpcre3:

sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev.

Make sure php5-dev is installed.

sudo apt-get install php5-dev
Jayesh Wadhwani
5 years ago
I did run into one problem while installing this extension on 5.5.3, Ubuntu 12.04, and that was the missing libpcre3. Once I installed the lib the install went fine.

sudo apt-get install libpcre3

sudo pecl install SPL_Types
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