PHPWales 2020 - June 3rd to June 4th


下列常量由此扩展定义,且仅在此扩展编译入 PHP 或在运行时动态载入时可用。

Swish::META_TYPE_UNDEF (integer)
Swish::META_TYPE_STRING (integer)
Swish::META_TYPE_ULONG (integer)
Swish::META_TYPE_DATE (integer)
Swish::IN_FILE_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_TITLE_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_HEAD_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_BODY_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_COMMENTS_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_HEADER_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_EMPHASIZED_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_META_BIT (integer)
Swish::IN_FILE (integer)
Swish::IN_TITLE (integer)
Swish::IN_HEAD (integer)
Swish::IN_BODY (integer)
Swish::IN_COMMENTS (integer)
Swish::IN_HEADER (integer)
Swish::IN_EMPHASIZED (integer)
Swish::IN_META (integer)
Swish::IN_ALL (integer)
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