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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7)

readline_callback_handler_installInitializes the readline callback interface and terminal, prints the prompt and returns immediately


bool readline_callback_handler_install ( string $prompt , callable $callback )

Sets up a readline callback interface then prints prompt and immediately returns. Calling this function twice without removing the previous callback interface will automatically and conveniently overwrite the old interface.

The callback feature is useful when combined with stream_select() as it allows interleaving of IO and user input, unlike readline().



The prompt message.


The callback function takes one parameter; the user input returned.

Valores devueltos

Devuelve TRUE en caso de éxito o FALSE en caso de error.


Ejemplo #1 Readline Callback Interface Example

function rl_callback($ret)

"You entered: $ret\n";

    if (
$c 10) {
$prompting false;
    } else {
readline_callback_handler_install("[$c] Enter something: "'rl_callback');

$c 1;
$prompting true;

readline_callback_handler_install("[$c] Enter something: "'rl_callback');

while (
$prompting) {
$w NULL;
$e NULL;
$n stream_select($r = array(STDIN), $w$enull);
    if (
$n && in_array(STDIN$r)) {
// read a character, will call the callback when a newline is entered

"Prompting disabled. All done.\n";

Ver también

  • readline_callback_handler_remove() - Removes a previously installed callback handler and restores terminal settings
  • readline_callback_read_char() - Reads a character and informs the readline callback interface when a line is received
  • stream_select() - Ejecuta el equivalente de la llamada al sistema select() sobre las matrices de flujos dadas con un tiempo de espera especificado por tv_sec y tv_usec

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