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Esta es una interfaz para la biblioteca mcrypt, que admite una gran variedad de algoritmos de bloques tales como DES, TRipleDES, Blowfish (predeterminado), 3-WAY, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-SK128,TWOFISH, TEA, RC2 y GOST en los modos de cifrado CBC, OFB, CFB y ECB. Además, admite RC6 e IDEA, que son considerados "no libres". CFB/OFB son de 8 bits por defecto.

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c dot light93 at gmail dot com
1 month ago
if you get a "The mcrypt extension is missing" alert somewhere, use
"sudo php5enmod mcrypt" and restart your server to enable it.
sujithayur at gmail dot com
3 years ago
In linux systems,mcrypt is necessary for installing CMSes like majento. First You need to install the mcrypt library.

If using a Debian-based Linux system, you can run the following commands:

  sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt

then restart the apache server

  sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
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