(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7)

is_infiniteIndique si un nombre est infini


bool is_infinite ( float $val )

Retourne TRUE si val est infini (positif ou négatif), comme le résultat de log(0) ou une valeur qui est trop grande pour être représentée par un nombre à virgule flottante sur cette plate-forme.

Liste de paramètres


La valeur à vérifier

Valeurs de retour

TRUE si val est une valeur infinie, sinon, FALSE.

Voir aussi

  • is_finite() - Indique si un nombre est fini
  • is_nan() - Indique si une valeur n'est pas un nombre

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12 years ago
If you have PHP lower than 4.2 you can simulate the behaviour:

function is_infinite($value) {
   return (substr("$value",-3) == "INF");

(tested on php 4.1.2)
10 years ago
@ david,

That will return true for any string ending with "INF".
I think substr("$value",0,3) would be more appropriate.
stangelanda at arrowquick dot com
9 years ago
Actually any string ending in INF is more appropriate than any string beginning with INF.  Since negative infinity evaluates to "-INF" but it is still infinite.  However in either case the STRING "INF" is not infinite, only a float that converts to "INF" or "-INF" is infinite.

A more appropriate function might be:
if (!is_defined('is_infinite')) { function is_infinite($val) {
    return (
is_float($val) and ("$val"=='INF' or "$val"=='-INF'));
} }
* However the above function is untested.
espertalhao04 at hotmail dot com
3 years ago
fastest version to php <4.2:
<?php function is_infinite($v){$v=$v>>0;return -9e1000==$v||$v==9e1000;}; ?>

the $v=$v>>0; is just to ensure it is a number and its not mandatory.
effectively, the function can be reduced to:
<?php function is_infinite($v){return -9e1000==$v||$v==9e1000;}; ?>

this works because any number that is too big or too small for a float is considered to be infinite or -infinite.
4 years ago
PHP_INT_MAX is The largest integer supported in this build of PHP. Usually int(2147483647). Available since PHP 4.4.0 and PHP 5.0.5
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