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(PHP 5 >= 5.4.0)

socket_import_streamImporte un flux


resource socket_import_stream ( resource $stream )

Importe un flux qui encapsule un socket dans une ressource.

Liste de paramètres


La ressource de flux à importer.

Valeurs de retour

Retourne FALSE ou NULL en cas d'échec.


Exemple #1 Exemple avec socket_import_stream()

$sock   socket_import_stream($stream);

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ryan dot yoosefi at gmail dot com
10 months ago
Note: This is only for raw socket access, receiving and sending does not honor things like encryption.

As of 5.4, 5.5, and 5.6, the only methods that use the stream-aspect are:
- socket_close
- socket_set_block
- socket_set_nonblock

The rest are performed directly on the stream's underlying socket.
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