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Cette extension » PECL n'est pas intégrée à PHP. Des informations sur l'installation de ces extensions PECL peuvent être trouvées dans le chapitre du manuel intitulé Installation des extensions PECL. D'autres informations comme les notes sur les nouvelles versions, les téléchargements, les sources des fichiers, les informations concernant les mainteneurs ainsi qu'un CHANGELOG, peuvent être trouvées ici : »


Il est possible de désactiver le support du gestionnaire de sessions memcache. L'option 'pecl install' vous le permet (activé par défaut), cependant, lors de la compilation statique dans PHP, l'option de configuration --disable-memcache-session peut être utilisée.

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mit at mitayai dot org
6 years ago
It is very important to note when reading the information supplied by others on this page that there are two *distinct* memcache PHP implementations for the service "memcached".

1) pecl-memcache
2) pecl-memcached

This page is for the first, pecl-memcache.

If you are looking for pecl-memcached information, visit here:
Felipe Estrella Barros
4 years ago
On Slackware, after copilling it, you should copy the file /module/ to /usr/lib/httpd/modules. Then, the instruction must be added into the file /etc/httpd/php.ini

Restart the httpd and it should work!
no at spam4me dot com
6 years ago
#if apt-get, rpm, or yum doesn't work
cd /usr/src/
tar -zxvf memcached-2.2.4.tgz
cd memcached-2.2.4
phpize && ./configure --enable-memcache && make
cp modules/ /usr/lib/php/modules/

# Note: packaged extension modules are now loaded via the .ini files
# found in the directory /etc/php.d
touch /etc/php.d/memcached.ini
echo '' > /etc/php.d/memcached.ini

service httpd restart
mykel dot alvis at gmail dot com
7 years ago
on Fedora, apparently

yum install php-pecl-memcache
pesdguy at yahoo dot co dot in
6 years ago
For xampp if you need to install memcache

use this place for all version
andryzeus at ukr dot net
4 years ago
If you have error with libtool version after make - way to install:
phpize --clean && phpize
rm aclocal.m4
make install
[memcache-2.2.6, gentoo.x86-64]
8 years ago
Newer PHP versions don't have a --enable-memcache options; simply installing the PECL package will be enough... so to be absolutely clear, you WON'T have to recompile PHP to use memcache.  That paragraph above seems like a bad case of earlier version documentation editing.
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