PHP 7.2.0 Beta 3 Released


(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::adaptiveBlurImageAdds adaptive blur filter to image


bool Imagick::adaptiveBlurImage ( float $radius , float $sigma [, int $channel = Imagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT ] )

Adds an adaptive blur filter to image. The intensity of an adaptive blur depends is dramatically decreased at edge of the image, whereas a standard blur is uniform across the image. Questo metodo è disponibile se Imagick è stato compilato con ImageMagick versione 6.2.9 o successive.

Elenco dei parametri


The radius of the Gaussian, in pixels, not counting the center pixel. Provide a value of 0 and the radius will be chosen automagically.


The standard deviation of the Gaussian, in pixels.


Provide any channel constant that is valid for your channel mode. To apply to more than one channel, combine channel constants using bitwise operators. Per default è Imagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT. Fare riferimento a questa lista di costanti di canale

Valori restituiti

Restituisce TRUE in caso di successo.


Lancia una ImagickException in caso di errore.


Example #1 Using Imagick::adaptiveBlurImage():

Adaptively blur an image, then display to the browser.


('Content-type: image/jpeg');

$image = new Imagick('test.jpg');



Il precedente esempio visualizzerà qualcosa simile a:

Output of example : Using Imagick::adaptiveBlurImage()

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michael at dodwell dot us
2 years ago
Be aware that this function is extremely CPU intensive.
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